Digital Twin

Unsurpassably fast modeling of an asset on the horizon of a month + 2, taking into account wells interference, reservoir energy and constraints of a production network.

Fast calculations of the production rate from a reservoir to a treatment unit
Automatic adaptation
Scheduling an event/measure
Setting a measure defined by rules
Comparing the results of scenarios execution


Acceleration with Machine Learning

Digital Twin is the system which provides relevance and high calculation speeds. It allows to compare hundreds of “what-if” options, monitor the asset in near real-time mode and detect abnormalities at an early stage.

Automatic update

Digital Twin always reflects the real state of the asset and  immediately updates the structure with the appearance of a new well, node or object in the production system, changes in the topology of the collection network.

Automated adaptaion

The prediction model is updated taking into account the actual data coming from the asset, if the data passes the validation stage.

Close to real-time operation

Machine Learning algorithms and relevant engineering approaches are implemented to achieve calculation speed at a new level.